Suggested fitting advice and screwing procedure for Goodyear Drag Racing Tires




Fifteen inch bead diameter GOODYEAR Drag Racing Tires.


Fifteen inch bead diameter rims built to the latest specifications stated in the Tire and Rim Association yearbook. Consult your specific rim manufacturer to determine if your rim can be used in the application.

Wheel rim screws:

Hex washer headed sheet metal screws - # 14 x 3/4 Grade 8 or better.

Hole placement procedure:

  1. Dismount the tire from the rim.
  2. Twelve screws per side of rim (24 per tire) are recommended using the equally spaced screw placement pattern ABABAB etc. (See above).
  3. Measure and mark the placement of the screw holes as shown above. Center punch thes marks and drill screw pilot holes using a 5/32" drill bit so that the screws will penetrate the center of the tire bead.
  4. Using one screw as a thread tapping device, thread each screw pilot hole.
  5. Examine the rim and deburr as necessary.

    Mounting / screwing tire to rim procedure
  6. Inspect tire fo broken tire rims screws.If tire contains a broken tire screw, remove before mounting tire. 
  7. Fit the tire, so that when the tire is mounted on the car / motorcycle, the tire's eight digit serial number is directed to the right when seated in / on the vehicle.

    **Safety Warning:

    Serious injury may result from explosion of tire / rim assembly due to improper mounting - only specially trained persons should mount tires.

  8. Inflate tire to maximunm of 25 psi.
  9. Screw the tire to the rim using new wheel rim screws. Note: inspect tire and rim to make sure that tire stays seated on the rim. If screws do not penetrate bead (pushes bead away from rim), remove screws and repeat mounting procedure.
  10. After both sides of the tires are screwed to the rim, reduce the tire pressure to operating conditions. Note: inspect the tire and rim again to make sure that the tire is still seated on the rim. If the tire is not completely seated on the rim, remove all scres and repeat mounting / screwing procedure.